Monday, April 13, 2009

Blood sugar improvements

Building on the last post. This past week I was noticing something changing in my body but wasn't able to put a finger on it until today [Mon. Apr. 13th].

I was in a big hurry. I drank a nice cup of coffee and got ready to go to see my chiropractor. In my harried state I didn't eat any breakfast. I got home from chiropractor's office. I got all caught up in other things here at home. Before you know it lunchtime was long past and it was time for afternoon activities. My husband asked me if I was hungry. I was joking and said that I was starving. However, in reality, and I told him later, I really wasn't starving. I was barely feeling hungry. We set out to take care of some personal stuff. Then around 4 O' Clock pm we stopped at Quiznos subs to grab a bite. It wasn't until then I was actually feeling hungry.

On our way we were discussing about how I was feeling. Looking back at some of my other posts I mentioned that I noticed some good progress in my mental health. Well, building on that I was noticing that even without eating all day I wasn't grumpy and frazzled ready to scream because my body chemistry was way off. I felt fine, in fact.

Looking back at the video from my last post the man spoke about how cells work. Well, that's exactly what is taking place in me. My cells are starting to work properly. The blood sugar thing was a major home run for me though. I was always having sugar dives and feeling like I was going to pass out because I wasn't able to sustain a balanced glucose level. That's correcting in me NOW.

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Kaylee Romano said...

Kim, I am so glad you are doing so well on the product. PLease continue to take it girl. I know its done a lot for me. I have now been on it for almost a year and I still notice changes in my life. Now if would help me lose wieght, that would be good.

Audrey aka Kaylee