Thursday, March 5, 2009

The beginning for me.

I've suffered for many years with thyroid disease & was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia (suffered with this since my early 20s). If you want to follow any part of my fibromyalgia story you can find my blog in my profile here. It's mostly informational though. I researched and read everything I could get my hands on relating to fibromyalgia. I already had some kind of grip on the thyroid disease. Or, I thought so anyway. There's many cross over symptoms with these two. The thing with FM (herein out instead of fibromyalgia) is that it's a bunch of symptoms with no rhyme or reason without a cause to their origin. We have some idea that the thyroid disease is because the thyroid gland isn't producing thryoid hormones correctly. Still, no identifiable reason or cause for this either.

With that being said; there's a lot of confusion and studies going on to figure it out. In the meantime with the research I've done I found herbal/vitamin supplements that help me to be more functional. Without there's basically no functioning. All I could or want to do is lay in bed because of the pain and the horrible brain fog.

In December 2008, I was introduced to a couple of ladies I met in a virtual game online. I chatted with them a bit. One seemed to be the ring leader, so to speak, of some activity going on in the virtual game. So, I met with these people a couple times in the virtual game in a conference chat. I listened to testimony after testimony about a product that was changing people's lives.

There was talk of some deal for buying the product at a lower price. However, because I didn't have the funds to buy any I just let it go. I was still hearing all these testimonies.

Well, I decided to log into one of the gal's web link and check things out on that side of it. I found videos of people sharing their testimonies of this product's wonderful benefits.

This product, yes you guessed it, is Seabiotics. I signed up as a preferred customer of sorts. I'm still trying to figure out that part of it. However, because of my financial situation the ring leader chatted with another person involved with Seabiotics that is part of the virtual game. These people are ALL Christians associated with the "ring leader". Well, the "ring leader" sent me a message one evening telling me that this guy she chatted with is going to send me some seabiotics to get started on it. I was flabbergasted that he would do such a thing for me.

I received two bottles of oil this week (week of 3/1/2009). I feel like such a doofus though. I accidentally dropped one bottle on the ground and it shattered and this precious oil was on the sidewalk. No matter, I still have one. I've been using it this week. I feel something going on inside me. I'm having a bit less pain. However, I've been sleepy. I think it's like someone healing and they sleep during their healing process.

I do have a bit more energy. My brain feels somewhat more clear.

That's it for today though. I'll post more as time goes on. When I see more significant changes and feel better I'll post about that.

Visit here: to learn more.

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LisaShaw said...

I'm praying for you sweetie. This sounds like it's doing something to help you and I'm so thankful. I'm excited to follow your story and to hear updates so keep it coming.