Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Broken Ankle Aventures

Titanium Rose

There you have it!

I operated and functioned on that for four weeks before this xray.

Yes, I was in pain. Someone mentioned later that I must have a high pain tolerance. Yes, I do.

The part you aren't able to see on the far right of the broken bone is that the break is all the way through.

I have a second xray picture to share. However, it's on my husband's, +Paul M Edwards', phone in PDF format. He's too busy to transform it to an image file. I'll try my best to describe and explain from my memory what I saw on the new xray.

After the above xray was done I went online to find an immobilizer boot. Very similar to this:

I wore this for two weeks before the 2nd xray. It's definitely an immobilizer.

Since I continued to use my foot/ankle after it was broken before doing anything to properly treat it the break was still like it was fresh. So, the healing while wearing the boot was a fresh start.

The far right part that's not as visible in the xray here has started healing first because it was the least damaged and a smaller sliver of break. So, on the new xray there's a visible mark that looks like a patch of concrete that was just thrown down and left to cure. Like a clump. The rest of the xray looks much the same as above.

The injury happened on September 27th, 2013. The 1st xray was taken on October 25th. I started wearing the boot on November 6th, 2013. I will have to continue its use until between December 18th, 2013 and January 1st, 2014. The week of Dec 18th I'll have another xray done to see the progress of the healing. At some point I'll move to an ankle support. Then I'll begin my aggressive physiotherapy to rebuild my muscle and strength.

What caused the injury?

Well, let's say, I had a disagreement with a concrete jersey barrier on a transfer ramp between highways while on my motorcycle. Now, before your mind goes all crazy with imaginative imagery, I never came off the motorcycle nor did I once go down. I just kept going.

Funny story about that too. The Bikers For Christ chapter we're members of decided to rename my road name from Lady Gladiator to Titanium Rose.
I already have some titanium in my left knee from a motorcycle accident in 2010. Also, my countenance is like a delicate flower. I'm tough yet delicate.

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